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Testimonials and Success Stories

Ivy D.

I was a client of Alyson's for over three years. She is by far the most kind, generous, and caring person I've ever met. Working with Alyson was easy and a delight. She went out of her way to make my whole experience in family court as uncomplicated as she possibly could. She is determined and a very passionate person. Alyson Truly cares about her clients and the outcome of her cases. Alyson worked very hard for my family and I; she cared about what was happening and still to this day continues to ask how my children and I are doing. Alyson will always be special to my family and she will always be a friend to me.

Deborah R.

A very good attorney and a sharp woman who is totally interested in her clients both legally and personally. An attorney you want in your corner.

Amanda F.

When I met with Alyson for the first time I remember the feeling of peace and confidence that over whelmed me, and gave me the courage I needed to get through my divorce. I have two autistic children and there we're many variables and special circumstances in my case that just seemed impossible to work out. She always was quick to return my calls and just knowing that she was there for me in itself was an incredible blessing. Thank you so much Alyson!

Jacob H.

I retained Alyson Foster (then, Alyson English) in 2007 when she was an attorney at Cantor Simon Law Group in Tempe, Arizona. Alyson represented me in an ongoing and difficult child custody dispute with my ex-wife over our younger son. My case had been in and out of family court on several prior occasions and I had used another attorney on one of those occasions. As my custody case became more complex and difficult, I sought a change in counsel to better represent me in the matter and I retained Alyson.

Alyson handled my custody matter with the utmost of concern for me and my son and was extremely instrumental in obtaining a ruling from the judge in court that was fair to all parties involved. Alyson did this while dealing with my extremely difficult ex-wife who had decided to go without counsel and represent herself on this occasion.

Since the original case in 2007, I have retained Alyson three more times (all for the same custody dispute) and she has always handled the situations with an extremely high level of concern for me and my parental rights as a father. Two for the time I have retained her were emergency situations that necessitated extremely quick and detailed legal action to be taken. Due to Alyson's quick and thorough representation I now have full custody of my son (May of 2010) and have retained this full custody through the court after legal challenges by my ex-wife (December 2010).

Lisa M.

When my husband and I first sat down with Alyson in her office, I felt defeated by my situation involving my ex-husband. Alyson listened intently and assured me that she would represent me to the best of her abilities. It felt as through forever passed before we were assigned a court date, but Alyson and her office never missed a beat in staying in touch with me. Even if there wasn't anything to update me on, they still reached out to me to make sure I was okay and to see if I had any questions.

As with any case involving a return to family court from an already dissolved marriage, there were some twists along the way that both my husband and I felt blessed that Alyson was there on our side representing us. Alyson is a trustworthy, patient and well educated attorney. I would certainly recommend her to anyone that is in need of a family attorney. She's the one you want in your corner.